Beef is meat of cattle. It can be divided into 3 sorts (classes). The highest class includes spinal, breast, filet, surloin, rump and round; the first class comprises chuck and shoulder parts, as well as flank; the second overcut, hind and fore shank. The most valuable beef is from beef breed, and especially more tender veal from immature bull-calves and heifers.


Can be divided into two classes. The class includes: shoulder part, spinal part (brisket), breast, best back with flank and ham (rumsteck); the second class consists of neck overcut, fore knuckle and shank.


Domestic chicken (Lat. Gallus gallus, occas. Gallus gallus domesticus or Gallus domesticus) the most numerous and widespread species of poultry. Over the long history of becoming domestic the man has selected a large number of various chicken breeds. Chickens belong to the most useful and notable by their productivity poultry. They are bred for meat and eggs, as well as for feathers and floccus.


Domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo Linnaeus) is one of the most widespread species of poultry that belongs to the Galliformes, originating from the ordinary turkey.