Ukraine reduces the dependence on imported meat

  • Ukraine reduces the dependence on imported meat18.03.2011

    Ukraine is still dependent on import of meat, but year by year our country decreases the volumes of its import. It was announced by the Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk during the press-conference in Ternopol, as informed by UNIAN.

    The Minister admitted, that Ukraine doesnít provides itself with meat in sufficient quantity.

    "Itís not a news for anybody, that we depend on import of meat for 15-17 years. Meanwhile we decrease the import of meat every year, in 2010 Ė it was decreased by 100 thousands tons and in 2011 we shall decrease it too, as the volumes of production are getting increased", - promised the Head of the Department.

    According to his data, for today there are about 40 thousands tons of imported poultry meat at Ukrainian storehouses and it cannot be sold as "Ukrainian production displaced it from the selling net".

    With that, Ukrainian agricultural producers, according to his speech, didnít allow the decrease of the milk production volumes in spite of the decrease of the cattle heads quantity.

    "We admit, that 20 years running the quantity of cattle heads goes down. But the production of milk remains at the level 11,7 millions tons thanks to the increase of the productivity", -said Minister.

    He added, that low purchasing prices are still a problem in milk production. This problem can be solved, in his opinion, thanks to our appearance at the foreign markets, "first of all at the Russian market".

    We remind, that according to data of Ministry of Agricultural policy, for the last year the volume of milk production increased, the milk of sort "extra" Ė was produced 2,5% more than the year before last, the milk of superior quality -2,2% more than the year before last. With that, in 2010 the volume of milk received by processing enterprises of Ukraine increased by 51,4 thousands tons, in comparison with previous year ( in whole 4793, 2 thousands tons).

    In whole, according to the data of State Statistics Committee, the production of all kinds of milk decreased by 3,1% (till 11 millions 254,1 thousands tons) in comparison with the volume, produces in 2009.

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